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Stump Removal

When a tree or large shrub is removed, you are left with a stump that can often be unsightly or prove to be a nuisance if you wish to replant in that area or lay lawn. We offer a stump grinding/removal service to remove tree stumps of any size and in most locations, however challenging.

Our machines can grind out the stump to a depth of up to 18 inches below ground level. The grindings will then be used as backfill and levelled off. This will allow replanting or turfing near the old stump, enabling you to finish your garden off as you wish.

We have also invested in a new compact grinder that is only 68cm wide for all those tight, hard to access places. This grinder fits comfortably through a standard garden gate. All our equipment is fully insured and with all the protective equipment to protect us and your property when on site.

Stump grinding is the perfect way to finish off a tree removal; after the work has been completed you would never know a tree had been there.

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