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Green light for winter

We are now approaching the time of year were we can carry out all sorts if practises that the hot summer months have not allowed us to do.

The Large Horse Chestnut removal and the pesky old cable braces.

Sometimes these jobs throw up some obstacles that we have to overcome, but with a good team on board and some careful consideration we always find a solution. Thanks to everyone who worked very hard on this job, another job well done and a very impressed customer!

Tree Surgeons and The Not so Loveable Rogues.

Rogue trader tree surgeons have been around for a long time but in the last few years, partly due to the economic climate and partly due to last year’s storms, there seems to be a lot more emerging.

From Axe Men to Pet Rescue

Off I went up this tree with my tesco bag for cats to save this stranded feline. After 5 minutes of coaching and some friendly words of advice Maggie and I had built up enough of a relationship for her to move off her branch on to my lap (now purring). Refusing to go in my tesco bag for life obviously, we made our descent slowly with Maggie under my arm holding on for dear life!

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