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Tree Removal

If a tree is dying, has become diseased, is unsafe or has simply outgrown its environment, felling and removal of the tree may be required. Trees can either be felled as a whole, depending on size and the space around the tree, or in sections if the tree is large or has obstacles nearby. When removing a tree in sections we will climb the tree using a rope and harness.

Rigging or lowering equipment may be used if the tree is in a position where branches or timber may not be dropped. We will have a member of the team on the ground assisting the climber at all times. Once the tree has been removed a stump may be left. We offer a stump removal service using a mechanical grinder to grind out the stump to a depth of up to 18 inches depending on the size of the stump and machine.

Once we have completed the work your garden will be left clear and tidy. All the arising’s will be chipped by our wood chipper, unless you wish to keep the wood, and recycled locally by one of a number of farmers and green tip sites.

We are an Environment Agency registered green waste carrier and always seek a good home for all of our waste products.

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