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Green light for winter

We are now approaching the time of year were we can carry out all sorts if practises that the hot summer months have not allowed us to do. Many things such as pruning works on your fruit trees of getting that massive Weeping Willow tree repollarded can now be done without causing any harm to the tree in question.

People often ask why we have to wait until the winter until we can do this or that to our tree. The best way I have found to explain it over the years is as follows. We wait until the tree is in its dormant period or asleep for the winter, do the work required to it without waking it up and then when it wakes up in the spring with its new hair cut it carries on as nothing has happened. As opposed to working on it in midsummer when it is very much awake, cutting it, making it bleed and it not have the ability to heal thus increasing the chance of infection.

If you are ever unsure when to do work on you trees, call us and we will advise to accordingly.

This time of year is also the time for planting or moving trees. If you are thinking of adding trees or shrubs to your garden this year make sure you do it between the months of November and March at the latest. If you don’t it will cost you more as the bare rooted trees will be unavailable and the trees will have to be moved in pots at a greater cost. Worst case the species you want will not be available at all. Similarly with hedge plants, get it done now!
We work very closely with a superb tree nursery local to Salisbury, Wiltshire that supply all our plants for our customers. They are a great bunch and always super keen to help with even the strangest of requirements!

Being aware of what can be done when, can give you the upper hand in planning what to do in the garden when everything starts to wake up again in the spring.

I have mentioned it in the past but it is worth mentioning again. It is important to get a trained and insured tree surgeon to carry out even the smallest of pruning jobs as they will have the knowledge and experience to carry out the work correctly and in the correct season.

If you have any questions or maybe some ideas you would like to run past me, I am always happy to help and advise over a cup of tea!

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