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Tree Surgery

Crown lifting

This involves the removal of the lowest branches of the tree. It is often used to increase the headroom under a tree for public or vehicle access. However, this service can really improve any garden or outside area.

Our customers have found that having a crown lifted on a tree lets much more light through. So not only will you enjoy a little more sun in your garden but it also allows things underneath to grow better. In particular, you will see a huge improvement in your lawn, making it much easier to mow. The tree itself will benefit too! It will look much smarter and tidier.

This is a common service we regularly carry out for commercial and private customers throughout Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset.

Crown thinning

During a crown thin, a tree’s secondary branches are pruned while maintaining its overall size and natural structure. Common reasons for thinning are to allow more light to pass through the tree, reduce wind resistance or to reduce weight throughout the tree. It should be noted that this technique does not alter the overall size.

This has similar benefits to crown raising, although you may be able to see even more light passing through the tree after this service! You can enjoy more sunshine getting to your flower beds which will improve growth hugely.

We only remove the small internal branches to achieve the desired effect. By removing these you will lower the risk of rubbing or crossing branches – something which should be avoided. When branches rub they become weak and susceptible to breaking. Once we are in a tree, we are always on the lookout for such issues to ensure your garden or outdoor area remains safe.

This service can be performed on any tree. We come with all of the equipment and machinery needed to perform this efficiently and safely. We leave your garden tidy and clear of all arisings – unless you want to keep the wood or chippings.

This is a common practice that we widely carry out for customers throughout Salisbury and all surrounding areas to improve the look and health of their trees.

Crown reduction

A crown reduction will reduce the height or spread of the crown of the tree while maintaining the main framework of the crown and leave a similar, although smaller, crown outline.

There are many reasons you may need this. It could be because the tree is too big for its surroundings or that you simply want your tree looking a little tidier. It is also extremely effective in reducing shading and increasing light flow.

We have invested in rigging equipment and use the latest techniques so that we can work in almost any scenario. We have worked in many gardens where there is an awkwardly placed greenhouse, outbuilding or shed. Our equipment means that this won’t stop us working to make your tree looks as you wish – we can safely remove any branches and lower them to the ground without hitting anything on the way down!

This service is often performed in conjunction with a crown thin or raise. It is cost effective to complete these services together to achieve the look you are aiming for.

This can really improve the look of your tree and we focus on improving the health and longevity of our customers’ trees by always pruning back to growth points and never reducing a tree by more than 30%.

Crown cleaning

Crown cleaning is the process of removing all rubbing or crossing branches in a trees canopy to reduce the risk of weak branches becoming unsafe. A crown clean will also incorporate a ‘crown deadwood’ which ensures all major dead wood is removed from the tree, making the tree safer and more pleasing to look at.

This service is particularly important for older trees. Dead or damaged branches can be a hazard, with a higher risk of branch failure. We remove any dead or dangerous branches. We also look for any that are crossing or rubbing that may cause a problem in the future.

This service is very similar to crown thinning, but is used to make the tree safe. It can be performed on any tree, but is most likely needed for the older trees. With any of our services which involve climbing a tree, we always look out for dead or dangerous branches and would inform you of anything we noticed.

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