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Avoid Rogue trader tree surgeons

Rogue trader tree surgeons have been around for a long time but in the last few years, partly due to the economic climate and partly due to last year’s storms, there seems to be a lot more emerging.

Tree work is a highly specialised trade and involves far more than two chaps with a ladder and a chainsaw. Qualified tree surgeons complete thorough training in many different fields, from maintenance of a chainsaw to tree climbing with a rope and harness and industry specific first aid training. The danger to people and their property is very high if tree surgeons do not have the correct training, equipment or experience.

When driving around Salisbury and the surrounding area I see a lot of great tree work done by reputable local tree services companies, but I also see some hideous work done by someone who obviously didn’t have clue about what they were doing. Pruning out of season, terrible pruning cuts, mess and sawdust left all over the place, just a few of the bad habits I see almost daily.

Ockenden Tree Services comply with everything. In this blog to protect you against rogue traders we have set out a few guidelines to follow and some questions to ask;

  • Good tree surgeons have high running cost such as many insurances, wages for qualified staff, rent and maintenance of equipment. Rogue traders do not have these overheads so can quote extremely cheaply. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is!

  • Ask to see some proof of insurances. They should have public liability cover and employer’s liability cover and should be able to show you a copy of the insurance certificate.

  • Check if they are fully qualified. They should hold at least City & Guilds NPTC certificates CS30, 31, 38, & 39. Before carrying out any kind of tree work tree surgeons should have passed these tickets as a minimum.

  • Always ask for a written quote. It saves any confusion at a later date.

  • Ask to see if they work to any British Standard. All tree surgeons in England should work to BS3998 -2010.

If not done properly, bad tree work can lead to damage to the tree that has taken many years to grow, injury to people, damage to property and although they may have been the cheapest it will cost more for someone else to come in and sort out the mess the rogues have left behind.

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